Feb 10

Double Pass

I guess my loyal readers know that I'm already home. It's been almost 2 months since I wrote my last post. At the end of our trip I got a little tired of writing the blog in my tablet and things weren't as exciting as they were in the Fiordland.

Mackinnon Pass, Milford Track
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Feb 06

White Sound

Despite the fact that we had just returned from the Kepler track and that the next day we had the Milford track booked, the good weather and the snow from the previous day left us no choice. A day with good weather in Fiordland is a day you do something.

Milford Sound Cruise
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Feb 05

Gotta Love The Bush

Leaving Queenstown wasn't easy. For those who traveled in South America it would be like leaving Bariloche. Good food, amazing vibe and great tracks around it makes Queenstown the best city in New Zealand for travelers.

Kea, Kepler Track
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Jan 30

Rees Madness

It's been a while since we finished the Rees and Dart track so I probably remember it differently. I usually remember things more positively after a while but I definitely can say this track is hard, but let's go back to the beginning.

Dart Glacier, Cascade Saddle, Rees And Dart Track
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Jan 23

Tracks And Fergs

I miss my computer. I mean, I miss my family, my friends, the food and a whole lot of other things, but I guess it's obvious to miss those things. I didn't think I'll miss my computer.

Routerburn Track
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Jan 18

Wana(ka) Stay

I can't explain it, but it took me only 5 minutes to fall in love with Wanaka. In second thought, it's easy to understand, the stories about the best cookie in the world, the good old ice crean from Patagonia (South America) and the good weather made it pretty easy.

Rob Roy Track
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Jan 13

Cool Little Town

We left Nelson and drove south to Hokitika, a "Cool Little Town" close to Arthurs Pass. The way is beautiful and the Paparoa National Park was our next stop on the way. The coast line is truly amazing but one section is so unique it got a name of his own, The Pancake Rocks.

Haast - State Highway 6
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Jan 09

Abel Tasman

At first we planed doing the whole Abel Tasman track in 3 days instead of 5 days. 60 km in 3 days seems OK because the track considered to be very easy and flat, but after few days of trekking without much rest we shortened the track.

Abel Tasman Track
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Jan 06


Late booking of a great walk is not recommended, especially when it's the easiest great walk, the Abel Tasman. Huts were all booked for the next two weeks and we managed to find only one option for camping on January 7th. That left us 4 days to spare.

Saint Arnaud Track
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Jan 02

Queen Barb

We left Wellington at 6:45 am with the ferry, it's quite early, because we had to be at the port 1 hour before. The view in the early morning was nice, but too much clouds blocked the sun and everything looked gray. If you can book the ferry early, do so!

Queen Charlotte Track
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Dec 29


As planned, we came back to Rotorua to the cultural evening. The day off was great and we decided to spoil ourselves in the spa. Hot natural pools (up to 42 degrees celsius) were build long ago and went through renovations over the years.

The Taranaki
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Dec 22

Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Hearing so much about the Tongariro, we tried to pick the best weather for this trek. Leaving Rotorua and coming back there later paid off, the weather was perfect. We parked our car at the end of the trek and took a shuttle to the start.

Mount Doom -  Ngauruhoe
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Dec 21

Nature's Photoshop

We crashed at the "Crash Palace", Rotorua. Monday was the best option weatherwise to go to the Tongariro trek, which located about 2 hours drive to the south, so we had only Sunday to get to the geysers and thermal pools parks before leaving Rotorua.

Wai O Tapu Park
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Dec 20


There isn't much to tell about the hobbiton. These are the remainings of the "Lord Of The Rings" and the "The Hobbit" sets. They were rebuilt on 2011 for "The Hobbit" trilogy. Once the filming was done, they left all the shire as it was, why not make money out of it :-).

The Hobbiton
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Dec 19

Stairway To The Pinnacles

Coromandel peninsula was the first place the weather was on our side. Again, we were staying at AirBNB, this time at Suzanne's place which was amazing. On Thursday we drove around the peninsula. The view was amazing.

Cathedral Cove
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Dec 17

Reign Over The Rain

Only 3 days ago I wrote and I already have so many new things to share. This time I'll try to keep it short (after completing this post I can definitely say I failed keeping it short).

Whangarei Falls
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Dec 14

Eat, Sleep, Rent, Repeat

For 2 days it seems that all we do is eat, sleep and try to decide whether we should buy or rent a car. Back home we planned to buy a car so we set off to buy a newspaper and search for ads in backpackers hostels. That turned out to be useless quickly. No ads were to be found in the newspaper and one backpackers hostel had very limited options in the sell/buy book.

Auckland's Skyline
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Dec 11

Jet Lag

24 hours before our flight we tried to check in online. We realized that all the seats were already taken and the only available seats were not together. We called El Al's support who told us they will try to help us, but cannot promise anything. Not seating together was not an option.

Eating ar a pub

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Dec 08

New Journey

Toady's post will be short. Maya and I are flying to New Zealand.

My Gear
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