Dec 14

Eat, Sleep, Rent, Repeat

For 2 days it seems that all we do is eat, sleep and try to decide whether we should buy or rent a car. Back home we planned to buy a car so we set off to buy a newspaper and search for ads in backpackers hostels. That turned out to be useless quickly. No ads were to be found in the newspaper and one backpackers hostel had very limited options in the sell/buy book. The prices were not close to our expectations and even cars on TradeMe were not that attractive.

The car fairs take place on Saturday and Sunday so in the meantime we went to look for good prices in rental car agencies. The fact that this is the high season left us with limited options, as most, well known, agencies had fully booked their cars till mid January. Demitry, the only agent who recognized us as Israelis, gave us the impression he was gonna give us the best offer but his price was too high and we didn't trust him.

Play On Grafity One day grafity

While walking from one agency to another we saw 2 guys painting grafity. Short chat reviled the shocking fact that this is a background to a commercial and they will clean the whole wall after shooting it. Why?!?!

The guy in Cheap and Chearfull rental cars was very nice and also gave us a good deal, but we had to bring the car back to Auckland, which was a turn down. Eurocar gave us such a cheap rate we had to dismiss that one too. Seriously, the price was so low and that was too fishy. Finally we got to USAVE, the price was reasonably low, the company seems to be reliable and after a good night sleep we went to rent the car from them. Tomorrow we are going to get the car, so expect some pics in the next post.

I forgot to mention that the summer did not arrive to New Zealand (although it should be summer already) but the locals don't really care. Flip flops and shorts are so "cool", people wear them even when it's cold and rainy outside.

After closing the car issue we did a short tour in the city center, some old buildings and stuff. The harbor was nice, very colorful and full of attractions for children. We mostly enjoyed the view and the atmosphere before heading back to our new room.

The Harbor The Harbor

From Helena we moved to Helen, also AirBNB. Helen is so lovely, she welcomed us when we arrived, showed us her beautiful house and offered her help with everything. I've just finished the banana pudding with ice cream she baked for us.

Sunday morning was everything but Sun Day. It was heavily raining from midnight until 11:00 am. Once the rain became weak we went to buy some camping/cooking equipment for the car.
According to the forecast it will rain at least another 6 days. We could not afford wasting time doing nothing. Mount Eden sounded like a nice place to go to, even if it's raining.

Mount eden Mount Eden

Luckily, at noon the rain almost stopped. The 200 meters mountain is pretty easy to climb. Cars can go to the peak but we walked to the top quickly along with some joggers. The sight was awesome, cool green craiter is surrounded by unpaved path. 360° view spreads from the peak and finally we could see and feel that side of Auckland.
Maya Maya

Selfi GoPro selfy

Auckland's Skyline Auckland's Skyline

Tomorrow we're heading north to Whangarei and will probably spend the next 3-4 days north to Auckland.