Dec 20


There isn't much to tell about the hobbiton. These are the remainings of the "Lord Of The Rings" and the "The Hobbit" sets. They were rebuilt on 2011 for "The Hobbit" trilogy. Once the filming was done, they left all the shire as it was, why not make money out of it :-). The shire looks amazing and it is a great attraction for the trilogies lovers and also those who never seen the movies. You can't enter by yourself, you have to take a tour which takes about an hour and a half.Book it at least one day before to make sure you have a place. In the tour you'll hear some interesting details about how the director, Peter Jackson, picked this place, how the set was rebuilt, how they created a fake tree above Bilbo Baggins's house to match the original tree but 70 years younger and more. At the end of the tour we got a drink in the "local" pub which was very good.

The Hobbiton The Shire

The Hobbiton The Hobbiton

Bilbo Baggins's House Bilbo Baggins's House

The Hobbiton The Hobbiton

The Pub The Pub