Dec 11

Jet Lag

24 hours before our flight we tried to check in online. We realized that all the seats were already taken and the only available seats were not together. We called El Al's support who told us they will try to help us, but cannot promise anything. Not seating together was not an option, so we decided to get help from a pilot in El Al (so nice to have a family insider). We arrived early to the airport and got to the check in as quickly as we could. Then we found out that not only we were sitting next to each other, but also got upgraded to the tourist plus seats. After taking off, eating some dinner and getting a flight kit we were called to the cockpit. Well, I only took my GoPro because Maya was rushing me. It was dark so the pictures were blurry but I promise to add a video soon. That was a good start to the honeymoon. Thank you G :-) !

The connection in Bangkok was short and the flight with Thai was one of the best I had. Before the take off I could look at the media library and select new movies to see. I also checked out the menu for the flight. The food was excellent and even the sea food side dish was tasty. The stewards were very nice and helpfull, drinks kept coming and the veriaty was impressive. I had a lot of space for my legs, and I'm 1.85 m tall so that's not obvious.

After collecting our bags, we passed the NZ immigration and our tent was sent for a "bio something" inspection to make sure it does not contain any insects or soil. I had to say that they did a really good job packing it up.

We ordered (from Israel) a taxi from Cheapcabs. The driver was waiting for us and got us pretty quick to the place we booked. Our host was not around but her cute grandmother showed us in. We booked our place with AirBNB for the first time and after staying here for 2 days I can recommend this place, just what I was expecting it to be. The house is very clean, we got a private room with great shower and our own space in the refrigerator filled with some goods.

So what are we doing? Mosly sleeping, I'm having a jet lag for the first time in my life. In between we managed to buy a local SIM card and to convert our AAA card to a local AA card. Well we have to eat something, right?

Eating ar a pub Nice pub on Broadway street, Epsom, Auckland

Bacon and eggs Bacon and eggs for Breakfast

Tomorrow we'll go search for a car to buy so we can start our trip.