Understanding Clash Of Clans Wars

So, you are a clan war player or even a clan leader, and you finally decided to do this the right way. This guide will teach you all about clan wars. Once you'll understand how clan wars work, you'll be able to plan your upgrade order and choose wisely the clan members you pick for war.

Once you hit the "Start War!" button, supercell's algorithm will calculate the base weight of each member in the war and will try to find a clan with the same base weights (note that the sum of all the bases together is also a factor). The matchmaking algorithm supposed to ensure an equal war, meaning that both clans will be able to win the war. But it's impossible to do it perfectly. Our goal is to understand how to calculate this weight and keep our bases with low weight, so we'll get easier opponents. I'll elaborate on the base weight in the next section.

Choosing Clan Members For War

If you want to increase your chances of winning the war you'll have to include only members that can 3 star their own base. It doesn't mean that they will succeed 3 staring their opponent every time, but it will definitely make your wars easier. Sometimes shit happens and you want to have a good backup. Make sure that every player will have another player with the same attacking power that is able to be that backup. Also make sure that the players will be available to attack twice during the war.

Base Weight

First, let's see how to check your base weight. If you're participating in a war right now and it has already started, scout your own base in the war section. If not, go to the war log and scout your base in the last war. Click on each elixir storage and sum up all the storages capacities including the elixir capacity in the town hall. This calculation will also work with the gold storages.

In this example, all the elixir storages are in the same level, so I'll just multiply it by 5 (4 storages + town hall): 11800 * 5 = 59000. So this base weight is 59K. There are more than enough weight calculators online, they are usually accurate enough. They will help you understand how your weight will be affected if you'll upgrade a building or a troop. I often use this excel file.

Before we dive into the upgrades order, let's take a look at maxed town halls weights:

TH Level Weight Data Source
Max TH 3 6k from observation of maxed base in war
Max TH 4 12k observation of maxed base in war
Max TH 5 20k from observation of maxed base in war
Max TH 6 30k guestimate
Max TH 7 40k from observation of maxed base in war
Max TH 8 55k forum posts & observation of a near-maxed base
Max TH 9 70k from observation of maxed base in war
Max TH 10 100k confirmed by lukereddit & supported by a youtube video
Max TH 11 110k TH11 forum exclusive day 12

You want to stay at the lower end of your town hall weight range. Your base weight will be mostly affected by your defenses, so it is a good idea to upgrade your offense first, and only then your defense. Keep your lab glowing 24/7! Basically, as long as you can 3 star your own base or any other base with the same weight you're on the right track.

TH3 - TH6 Upgrade Order

TH3 to TH6 have a little margin to play with, and the upgrades are super-fast, so we won't discuss them. Long story short, you should be maxing each TH before moving on to the next.

TH7 Upgrade Order

At TH7, weight isn't a big issue yet, but you can still plan your upgrade order so it will serve you well on wars. You should complete building and upgrading this list before participating in wars:

This part should take about 2-3 weeks. At this point you should be good to go for wars. The order of the rest is not that important. Max TH7 before you move on to TH8.

The most effective and easiest attack on a TH7, even on a maxed TH7 is a dragons attack. I recommend upgrading dragons first, and then maxing the rage spell. I've been 3 staring TH7's with my wife's account using this strategy. If you choose a different strategy for war, upgrade the needed troops before you go to war. Obviously, you should master your attack, having the troops doesn't guarantee a 3 star attack.

What is a .5 TH

A .5 TH, is a state in which you don't add new defenses to your new TH level in order to keep your base weight low. For example a TH7.5 is actually a TH8 without the new TH8 defenses.

Does it work?

If only one member of your clan will use the .5 strategy, it won't have a big effect, but you'll start feeling the wars are getting easier once 4 or more members will use it.

TH8 Upgrade Order

TH7.5 probably won't help you in wars, but, you should still consider not adding TH8 new defenses, at least the splash damage defenses. In the next section I'll explain why.


At this point you are ready for wars as a TH8, continue to upgrade:

Now you have to decide if you are going to max TH8 or not. The next section should help you decide. If you decided to max TH8 add the new defenses now and max the rest of the walls and troops.

Splash Damage Defense Last! Generally, splash damage defenses weigh more than other defenses and usually not very effective in war. For example, the wizard tower can deal great damage to a bunch of barbarians and archers, and it's excellent against farming attacks. In war, a good attacker will use much stronger troops so the wizard tower won't be as effective as it was against lots of weak troops bunched together.

Again, my favorite attack on TH8's is dragons attack. The army composition is: First upgrade the lightning spell, then your dragons. The rage spell upgrade is optional. If you're going on a different strategy, upgrade the necessary troops.

TH 8.5 - Starting The Preparation Early As Possible

Maxing TH7 is recommended and it doesn't take too long. Most guides will recommend you max TH8 as well, but I think you shouldn't. I maxed TH8 with my main account and the result was me getting a maxed TH8 opponent, but that wasn't the biggest problem. Moving on to TH9, I wanted to try the TH8.5 strategy. I thought I'll get TH8's against me at first, so I'll have some time to upgrade the necessary troops to 3 star TH9's.

Well, I didn't get matched up against a TH8 even once, and I had a hard time in the first few wars. After I understood better the matchmaking system and the base weight importance, I recommended a rushed TH8 that wasn't doing well at wars in my clan to move on to TH9. He stopped upgrading his defenses and kept his weight low enough after the upgrade, so he often got matched against TH8's or other rushed TH9's. Using the extra spell, troops and stronger Dragons he usually 3 starred his opponent.

TH8.5 is working pretty well for us, we have 4 TH8.5 members (including me) and we usually get clans with rushed TH9's that don't know how to attack and don't have hard bases, so we 3 star the all map quickly.

I noticed that TH8.5 works much better for members in my clan that didn't max their TH8. At that time, I was upgrading my second account to TH8. My idea was not to build any new splash damage defense, keeping my base weight very low and instead, invest my resources in troops and walls. I immediately upgraded my lab and got my level 3 dragons and started 3 staring maxed TH8's with no problem, thus, I was able not just to 3 star my opponent, but also helped 3 star higher ranked players.

Then I thought, why not take it further and move on to TH9, yet keeping my weight very low and still get matched against TH8's. This will give me a huge advantage in war. Moreover, I'll be able to upgrade my royals (barbarian king and archer queen) during war, which became a problem in my main account, because in most cases you need your royals in order to 3 star strong TH9's. At that point, my TH8 weight was 45K and my TH9 weight was 60K. I was able to 3 star maxed TH9 bases with my TH9 account using GoHo, LavaLoon, GoLaLoon and Zap Quake attacks, only by adding 5K to my weight (My weight as a Maxed TH8 was 55K).

Smart Rushed TH8.5

This is why I was telling you to consider not building those new splash damage defenses in TH8. Keeping your weight under 53K will almost get you a TH8 opponent in the war. So my 45K TH8 + 5K of lots of upgrades and strong TH9 troops will give me on the one hand a 50K base that TH8 can't 3 star and on the other hand I'll be able to 3 star my opponent easily and also help clean up TH9's.

Let sum up the pros and cons of smart rushed TH8.5:


Currently I'm preparing to the TH9 upgrade and I'll update on the outcome of this move shortly.

TH9 Upgrade Order

Whether you choose to max TH8 or go for the smart rushed TH8.5, the upgrade order will be the same minus the defenses you didn't add at TH8.


At this point you can stop the building and defenses upgrades and start working on pushing your royals towards level 20 while upgrading troops per attack strategy. In the next step you'll strengthen your current defenses (not adding new ones) so when the time comes and you'll start being matched up with TH9's, your base won't be 3 starred. From that point, you can check the weight of each defense you didn't add and decide which one to add/upgrade. Note that you should have low level wizard towers and mortars. I think it's best to add level 1 x-bows before upgrading those heavy splash damage defenses.

Keep in mind that TH10 is ahead. Do your math and decide how you are going to start TH10. Good Luck!